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Hello followers, repeat clients, and future clients!  For financial reasons, I had to get a 2nd part time job and I’m close to getting a 3rd job.  This means I can only devote part of my time to Enchanted Sea costume & wig commissions. 

I love this work, but the unsteady pay has worn me out… Sometimes people don’t pay, or pay months late, or start commissions later than when I booked, or drop commissions… and I’m left with no way to make up for paying bills or having to shuffle money around to make ends meet.  I tried to be a very flexible person but sometimes that gets taken advantage of. 

So! I am taking commissions on a LIMITED BASIS.  And, I schedule out a lot farther in advance because there’s only so much time each week I can devote to commissions now, rather than doing this 60 hours a week.

I will be quoting what I think the commission is truly worth, with my decade of experience in many different areas of my profession.  I often gave friends & family pricing, or tried to price out as low as I could possibly go, but my work is truly special and I deserve a living wage 🙂 each thing I make is worth every penny, I promise. I log my hours and budgets spent, and after so many years, I have a very good idea how many hours a project will cost.

Feel free to use this form and contact me and I will still give out price quotes if I can meet your deadline, or, if your deadline is flexible.  Thanks for understanding if I can’t take your commission.  And please allow me extra time to e-mail you back.  If the form says it submitted, I have it.



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